Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July is passing us by too fast.......

This past weekend was a busy but fun one. We had a lot of things going on. Thad was playing in the Pritchett Moore Tennis Tournament and our church (branch) was having a Fish Fry. We were busy the whole weekend and found ourselves more tired than we were when it started but had a great time anyways.

So on Friday our church in Demopolis had a fish fry. What is a Fish Fry you ask? It is a gathering in the south where you fry some freshly caught fish, more specifically Catfish. My branch was excited to introduce me into the world of Fish Frying. We had it at a park in Demopolis and had a great turn out and great food.

And Thad was able to play in his tennis tournament that only comes but once a year. He played with his long time tennis partner Rich. It was fun to watch Thad and they did really well. So here are some pics from this weekend.......

An up close pic of Sariah and Clarissa who got caught in the rain

All the yummy food that everyone brought

John was the fish frier and man was it good

The best family ever, the Palmers (who are leaving us soon)

Miss Nikki, what a babe

Johnny (in the blue, father of John the cook) who put together the main course for the Fish Fry

Thad and his tennis partner Rich (of 5 years) at Indian Hills Country Club waiting to play their next match in the tournament

Thad taking a rest inbetween matches

This is where I hung out while Thad was playing tennis, they even had some baked Brie...yum!

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  1. Fun times Rozzie, it looks like your ward is awesome. Those little girls are darling! Wish I could've been there to hang out at Thad's Tennis game too. Looks like quite the sophisticated shin-dig.