Friday, July 30, 2010

Our little Green Volkswagen Bus

We have a customer at my bank and he drives a Volkswagen bus and in fact he drives the same style, down to the same color of van that my mom hauled us around in as kids in Northern California, the only difference was ours had a tire on the front. The other day he let me go out and look inside the van and take pictures. It was honestly so nostalgic for me and brought back a flood of good memories. The seats were the same, the floors, even the stick shift. I spent a good portion of my childhood in that van and have some great stories of that van.

The best story is that the sliding door started falling off and my mom was driving some kids from church to early morning seminary (a class high school age kids take for church) and one of the teenagers she dropped off went to close the door and it came off in his hands, so he was just standing there holding the door in his hands.

So Nelson family these pictures are for you. Oh and once this one got old, we upgraded to a new grey Volkswagen van that also moved with us to France and I drove in High School. Good times!

The interior looks just like ours did

I remember those rubber like flours and my mom hosing the car out, which is so much easier than vacuuming

The good old green bus!


  1. Did you guys have a name for this van? I wonder where your mom got it? It's so random. It would be fun to own one of these and strap surfboards to the top. But I'd have to live in Costa Rica for that to make sense...

  2. I loved that van. We were hippies, and you kids were our love children.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! Memories....and not a lot of great ones, mostly just me begging mom to drop me off a block away from school because I was so mortified by our "green pickles bus". ;) Now I think it is AWSOME though and would probably buy one just for old time sake.

  4. This is too funny!!! But I would definitely love to beable to hose out my yukon!