Monday, April 26, 2010

Bryant Denny Stadium

On Saturday Thad and I had the treat of going to Bryant Denny Stadium to tour the locker room and press box and were to walk onto the field. It was a rare treat and since I have come from not caring two cents about Football to absolutely loving the Alabama Football team, this was really special for me.

One thing I love about the University of Alabama is how classy they do things. They spare no expense and build everything with the best materials and their architecture is always simple, classy and timeless (Brooke the simple and classy was for you). And more than anything I love Nick Saban. He was able to take us to the National Championships and win within 3 years and I am so proud to live in Tuscaloosa in the heart of it all. I do not profess to know a lot about football but each year I learn a little more (I have a good instructor) and grow to love Alabama Football, the festivities that surround it all and the old fashion traditon of football here in Alabama and to that I say Rollllllll Tide Roll! Amen!

Here are some highlights from our visit on Saturday to Bryant Denny Stadium , home of the Tide!

This the the famous "A" that is in the center of the Football locker room

This is where the players exit the locker room and head out onto the field

Thad standing in the doorway where the team enters the field

Thad leaning on one of the goal posts, this was his first time in his 12 years in Tuscaloosa of actually being on the field

Here I am pointing to the expansion project going on. After being completed, the entire stadium will be enclosed on all sides

Entrance to the locker room

My Nick, I heart him

Thad and I overlooking the field from the press box

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lake Nicol

Thad's co-worker and friend, William Woodward took this gorgeous picture of the exact area we ate dinner last night and I love this picture. Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day and so when Thad got home from work we decided to go down to an area about 10 minutes past our house called Lake Nicol. We actually went to a little area where Lake Nicol runs off into a little rapid stream. I made something quick for us to munch on and we then ate dinner by the stream. It was a perfect night and oh so gorgeous.

Here is s map of our area. We live off of New Watermelon Road.

I feel so blessed and lucky to live in such a pretty area where nature is right at your finger tips.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

For Easter Thad and I were able to go up Haleyville and see the fam. Mark was in town and so we all gathered to celebrate him. It was a good time. Sylvia and Bo had a going away BBQ for Mark and Sunday was full of good food, an easter egg hunt (we hid the eggs so well we were unable to locate 8 of them) and Mike Shifler whom is also a photographer took some photos of the family. It was such a beautiful weekend which made for some good memories. Here are some pics I took.

Mark's going away BBQ at Sylvia's house.

If you look closely Mark is in the tree, trying to get a frisbee out

Mike snapping shots of Nick and loving Nick's cute grin

Thad and his sister Terri

Thad's (and my) oldest neice, Katie

Max riding the golf cart, the grandkids love that thing

Brookie and Mark

The Bunny Cake Pat makes every easter

Pat made Mark an early Birthday cake.

Thadeus and I, such a hansome couple :)

Cute Brookie looking for hidden eggs, she was so excited

Nick hobbling around looking for easter eggs (who is usually a speedster at everything he does)

Ray and Nick counting the easter eggs