Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel

My parents came to see me for a week and my mom had always wanted to go to Nashville so we took road trip to Nashville and stayed at The Gaylord Opryland Hotel, visited downtown Nashville and ate some amazing food. Here are some pics from the trip. We even went to an exhibit called ICE. We had so much fun!

And Thad looks so serious here, it cracks me up.

Love this picture because Mom and Thad look like two peguins standing next to eachother.

Monday, September 13, 2010

(The Forester twin brothers, Thad and Joseph)

This weekend was the Bama vs. Penn State Game which are two teams rich in tradition, who have not played eachother since 1983. Penn State's coach Joe Paterno, knew and played against Bear Bryant 12 times and has been coaching at Penn State for over 45 years. Because this game was so monumental and a reunion of sorts for the two teams ESPN Game Day came to Tuscaloosa to join in on the excitement. Since I have lived here I have been dying to attend an ESPN Gameday and see Kirk. So on Saturday we got up early and left the house at 7:15 and were there infront of the stadium where it was all going down by 8 am. We were on TV and I got to catch a glimpse of Kirk Herbstreit (Herbie) and Thad got to see Erin Andrews. We made a poster and everthing.

Also Joseph (Thad's bro in Texas) came to go to the Penn State Game and Pat and Ray came to stay with us for the weekend to enjoy the game day festivities. It was a day that started at 5:45 am and went all day. The temp was 95 degrees with a heat index 104-105. It was a scorcher but was out weighed by amazing Big Bad Wolves BBQ (I got the nachos of course) the amazing energy on the quad and the anticipation for a great game that night. We stopped by tents on the quad and ended up at Bo and Sylvia's to celebrate. The boys headed off to the game and had an amazing time, we won 24-3! It was an perfect game day....roll tide!

The ESPN Game Day Bus

If you look really hard you can see Herbie...sigh...I heart him

The cool set

Thad and Joseph and about every other guy in the crowd was drewling over Erin.....

And can you blame them with this behind?

The two prettiest people of ESPN, Erin and Herbie

This is the poster we made for ESPN Gameday and it made national TV

These are the famous Big Bad Wolves BBQ Nachos

The Million Dollar Band on the quad

A gorgeous game day on the quad

Denney Chimes in the background

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long lost pic.....

Since I have been home from my summer vaca to Utah I have missed my little babies so much. The other day I was going through some old photos and found this one of my Mighty Max. He put on grandma's glasses and made the cutest pose and just looked so dang cute. This picture was taken in 2008 and this week Max starts first grade. I just can't believe it. I love that little boy more than words can express. Love you Bubba.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Our little Green Volkswagen Bus

We have a customer at my bank and he drives a Volkswagen bus and in fact he drives the same style, down to the same color of van that my mom hauled us around in as kids in Northern California, the only difference was ours had a tire on the front. The other day he let me go out and look inside the van and take pictures. It was honestly so nostalgic for me and brought back a flood of good memories. The seats were the same, the floors, even the stick shift. I spent a good portion of my childhood in that van and have some great stories of that van.

The best story is that the sliding door started falling off and my mom was driving some kids from church to early morning seminary (a class high school age kids take for church) and one of the teenagers she dropped off went to close the door and it came off in his hands, so he was just standing there holding the door in his hands.

So Nelson family these pictures are for you. Oh and once this one got old, we upgraded to a new grey Volkswagen van that also moved with us to France and I drove in High School. Good times!

The interior looks just like ours did

I remember those rubber like flours and my mom hosing the car out, which is so much easier than vacuuming

The good old green bus!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July is passing us by too fast.......

This past weekend was a busy but fun one. We had a lot of things going on. Thad was playing in the Pritchett Moore Tennis Tournament and our church (branch) was having a Fish Fry. We were busy the whole weekend and found ourselves more tired than we were when it started but had a great time anyways.

So on Friday our church in Demopolis had a fish fry. What is a Fish Fry you ask? It is a gathering in the south where you fry some freshly caught fish, more specifically Catfish. My branch was excited to introduce me into the world of Fish Frying. We had it at a park in Demopolis and had a great turn out and great food.

And Thad was able to play in his tennis tournament that only comes but once a year. He played with his long time tennis partner Rich. It was fun to watch Thad and they did really well. So here are some pics from this weekend.......

An up close pic of Sariah and Clarissa who got caught in the rain

All the yummy food that everyone brought

John was the fish frier and man was it good

The best family ever, the Palmers (who are leaving us soon)

Miss Nikki, what a babe

Johnny (in the blue, father of John the cook) who put together the main course for the Fish Fry

Thad and his tennis partner Rich (of 5 years) at Indian Hills Country Club waiting to play their next match in the tournament

Thad taking a rest inbetween matches

This is where I hung out while Thad was playing tennis, they even had some baked Brie...yum!